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Electoral Area: 4 (Thakurgaon-2)

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Candidate Name
Votes Received
1) Alhaj Md. Dabirul IslamBangladesh Awami League 6248338.78
2) Md. A. HakimJamat-E-Islami Bangladesh 5719635.5
3) Md. Nurul IslamIndependent (Cup and Saucer) 2408114.95
4) Sree Suresh Chandra SinghIslami Jatiyo Oikya Front 1656510.28
5) A. K. M. Enyet Ali (Khokan)Independent (Clock) 4640.29
6) Md. Mohshin SarkarBangladesh Comunist Party 3390.21
Valid Votes161128
Inalid Votes1332
Vote Casts162460
Total Voters183362
Candidate Name
Votes Received
1) Md. Dabirul IslamBangladesh Awami League4834442.26
2) Md. Asaduzzaman(Babu)Jatiya Party2875725.14
3) Md. Julfiker Murtuja ChowdhuryBangladesh Nationalist Party2131418.63
4) Md. Abdul HakimJamat-E-Islami Bangladesh1493313.05
5) Md. Mohsin SarkarBangladesh Communist party6730.59
6) Dr. Md. SamsuddinJaker Party3880.34
Valid Votes114409
Inalid Votes1269
Vote Casts115678
Total Voters151844
Candidate Name
Votes Received
1) Md. Dabirul IslamBangladesh Communist party4645248.14
2) Md. Altafur RahmanBangladesh Nationalist Party1770718.35
3) Md. Abdul HakimJamat-E-Islami Bangladesh1728817.92
4) Md. Abdul Karim AdvocateJatiya Party1372014.22
5) Md. Nur Kutub AlamIndependent6400.66
6) Md. A Jobbar SarkarJaker Party3230.33
7) Badrul Alam ChowdhuryFreedom Party2700.28
8) Shree Romesh Chandra SenIndependent890.09
Valid Votes96489
Total Voters147317
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