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Chittagong District Information

Area5282.98 square kilometers.
Bounded by
Feni district and Tripura (Indian state) on the north, Cox's Bazar district on the south, Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachhari districts on the east and Noakhali district and the bay of bengal on the west.
Chittagong district was established in 1666 including three hill districts. The district of Chittagong Hill Tracts was established in 1860 with the hill region of the district. Later, Chittagong district was further divided into Chittagong and Cox's Bazar districts. The district consists of one city corporation, seven municipalities, six thanas, 20 upazilas, 197 union parishads and 1,319 villages.
Upazilla/ Thana
Anwara Upazila, Bandar (Chittagong Port) Thana, Banshkhali Upazila, Boalkhali Upazila, Chandanaish Upazila, Chandgaon Thana, Double Mooring Thana, Fatikchhari Upazila, Hathazari Upazila, Kotwali Thana, Lohagara Upazila, Mirsharai Upazila, Pahartali Thana, Panchlaish Thana, Patiya Upazila, Rangunia Upazila, Raozan Upazila, Sandwip Upazila, Satkania Upazila, Sitakunda Upazila

Post Codes for Chittagong District

Elected MP(s) in 2008 Election
Area# Area NameElected MPFrom
278Chittagong-1Engineer Moshuraf HossanBangladesh Awami League
279Chittagong-2Salauddin Quader ChowdhuryBangladesh Nationalist Party
280Chittagong-3A B M Abul KasemBangladesh Awami League
281Chittagong-4Anisul Islam MahmudJatiya Party
282Chittagong-5A. B. M. Fazle Karim ChowdhuryBangladesh Awami League
283Chittagong-6Mohammad Hasan MahmudBangladesh Awami League
284Chittagong-7Moin Uddin Khan BadalJatiya Samajtantric Dal-Jasad
285Chittagong-8Nurul Islam BscBangladesh Awami League
286Chittagong-9Md. Afsarul AmeenBangladesh Awami League
287Chittagong-10Mr. Abdul LatifBangladesh Awami League
288Chittagong-11Samsul Haq Chowdhury1Bangladesh Awami League
289Chittagong-12Aktharujzaman ChowdhuryBangladesh Awami League
290Chittagong-13Dr. Oli Ahmad Bir BkramLiberal Democratic Party-LDP
291Chittagong-14A.Na.M Shamsul IslamBangladesh Jamaytee Islami
292Chittagong-15Jafrul Islam ChawdhuryBangladesh Nationalist Party
293Chittagong-16Mostafa Kamal PasaBangladesh Nationalist Party
Parliament Election Winner (Party-wise): 2001,1996,1991
Seat#Area Name200119961991
279Chittagong-1BNP (50.68)BNP (48.17)BNP (52.40)
280Chittagong-2BNP (49.31)BAL (43.46)BNP (45.84)
281Chittagong-3BNP (63.75)BAL (51.36)BAL (64.83)
282Chittagong-4BAL (55.94)BAL (52.59)BAL (47.07)
283Chittagong-5BNP (50.96)BNP (47.41)BNP (55.48)
284Chittagong-6BAL (52.07)BNP (52.36)Other (54.04)
285Chittagong-7BNP (49.03)BNP (41.68)Other (40.29)
286Chittagong-8BNP (56.73)BNP (47.11)BNP (52.14)
287Chittagong-9BNP (52.79)BAL (48.80)BNP (45.23)
288Chittagong-10BNP (52.87)BNP (46.78)BNP (46.34)
289Chittagong-11BNP (51.88)BNP (42.25)BNP (44.15)
290Chittagong-12BNP (50.93)BNP (47.30)BAL (47.51)
291Chittagong-13BNP (53.76)BNP (61.83)BNP (59.47)
292Chittagong-14JI (47.88)BNP (48.21)JI (46.20)
293Chittagong-15BNP (62.52)BNP (37.96)BAL (32.18)
BAL: Bangladesh Awami League
BNP: Bangladesh Nationalist Party
JI: Jamat E Islami
JP: Jatiya Party
Chittagong had been a sea port since the ancient time. The Arab traders had business transactions with this port since 9th century AD. Chittagong region was under the kingdom of Arakan during sixth and seventh centuries. Before the Muslim rule Chittagong had been either under the control of the Arakans or under the kings of Burma. Sultan Fakruddin Mubarak Shah of Sonargaon conquered Chittagong in 1340. After the defeat of Sultan Giasuddin Mahmud Shah in the hands of Sher Shah in1538, the Arakanise again captured Chittagong. From this time onward until its conquest by the Mughals this region was under the control of the Portuguese and the Magh pirates. The Mughal Commandar Bujurg Umed Khan expelled the Portuguese from the area in 1666 and established Mughal rule there. The Mughals renamed Chittagong as Islamabad.
Places to see
Bronze statues (8th and 9th centuries, in Anwara upazila), Fakira Mosque (Hathazari), Musa Khan Mosque (1658), Kura Katni Mosque (1806), Kala Mosque (16th century), Chhuti Khan Mosque (Mirsharai), Kadam Mobarak Mosque (1719), Andar Killah Mosque, Wali Khan Mosque (1790), Badar Awlia Dargah, Bakshi Hamid Mosque of Banshkhali (1568), Chittagong Court Building (1893), Collegiate School, Ethnological Museum (1974).
Present: Daily Azadi, Daily Purbokon, Daily Life, Daily Karnafuli, Weekly Chattala; extinct: Monthly Sanshodhani, Purobi, Mukulika, Simanto; Weekly Jyoti, Weekly Sultan, Daily Jyoti, Daily Rashtrobarta, Daily East Pakistan and Daily Azan.
Rivers karnafuli, halda and sangu.

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